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Where to Shop for Carpet

By Michael Hilton

In examining where to purchase carpet, keep in mind you are likely to hear horror stories about each distribution segment. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you hear a horror story about a particular carpet retailer, carpet wholesaler, or carpet broker, check them out. In my experience, horror stories are communicated to try to dissuade you from visiting them. Usually the referenced carpet retailer is making it difficult to compete in the marketplace, either because his prices are low, his installers are very good, or he has a vast amount of inventory available for immediate carpet installation. Let the communicator of the horror story decide for you where your next shopping visit will be. Let's face it, a reseller is only going to say positive things about resellers that he can compete with.

The Carpet Buyers Handbook lists numerous Dalton Carpet Wholesalers on this site. These Discount Carpet sellers can be found at the top and bottom of each page on our site. We do not allow unsavory types to be listed on our site and we limit the number of wholesalers displayed, so we get the cream of Dalton Carpet Wholesalers in the Dalton, Georgia area. Our Buyer Assurance Policy ensures online carpet buyers that these wholesalers have never had any unresolved issues with purchase contacts made through our site. We do not profit or receive a commission from these sales, but should a consumer have a justified complaint from one of the carpet wholesalers who list on this site, the links to this Dalton Carpet Wholesaler will be removed from our site. Our carpet wholesalers receive substantial traffic and even consumer carpet price quotes (click for a carpet price quote from carpet wholesalers) from this site, so issues, if any, are resolved quickly. We have never received a complaint from any consumer who has purchased carpet from one of these wholesalers. Rest assured that if a carpet wholesaler is listed on this site, they are honest, legitimate businessmen and women. They receive substantial benefit from links on this site and removal of links would cost them substantially more than one unhappy customer.

The Nomad Carpet Store:

While the first thing that comes to mind is the carpet installer selling out of the back of his truck, a number of reputable shop at home services are available. These folks are carpet retailers. They are the local building front carpet retailer's worst enemy because they have lower overhead and thus you will probably hear dozens of nightmare stories from storefront retailers concerning these legitimate businesses. They should not be slighted because in many cases, the purchase of a $30,000 van alone is more of an investment than most carpet retailers have in their entire business. These businesses have fully stocked vans that act as mobile showrooms, which come to your house for personalized service. One of the advantages this offers is being able to see how a particular color will look in your home with your lighting conditions.

This person has a stake in the community, in which you live and should receive special consideration for your carpet purchase. Furthermore, you will not have far to go for service after the sale. However, this does not ensure satisfaction with this service. Most local retail stores are under capitalized and bankruptcies are not uncommon. Often, the carpet manufacturers who supply the carpet retailer have more invested in the carpet retail operation, through credit lines, than the owner of the average retail flooring enterprise. Even large 50-200 store chains (i.e. Miami Rug, Color Tile) have gone bankrupt recently.

In shopping for carpet, if the price difference is minimal, consider a local retailer rather than a long distance purchase. If the price difference is substantial, try negotiating with the local retailer using the price you have been quoted by a wholesaler. Keep in mind however, that a smart carpet retailer who makes a reasonable profit will be in business in later years when you need them. A retailer that is not profitable will likely fade away. Do not become irate if the retailer refuses to match your price. Remember, he has a limited number of carpet installation crews and he must be profitable with those crews. He cannot afford to tie up a crew for $100 profit, when they should (and could) be working for a $500 profit. By accepting the $100 job, he has actually lost $400 for that crew on the day of your carpet installation.

Manufacturer Direct:

I often smile when I hear this term, because few manufacturers sell direct to the consumer. Many of these so-called manufacturers actually buy goods from major carpet mills, brand them with their own name, and operate under the guise of a manufacturer. The carpet industry started, and remains to a lesser extent, an industry where one company tufts the carpet, another dyes the carpet, another backs the carpet, another shears the carpet and so on. All you need to be a manufacturer in Dalton, Georgia is a telephone and good credit. While this has changed to a large extent with smaller players being gobbled up by larger corporations, but it is still possible to have your own carpet made by commissioning each process out to various service providers. It is far easier to buy finished goods at low prices and private labeling the samples. This is not to say that you can't save money by purchasing through these channels, but actually in reality, there is very little difference between many "carpet manufacturer's"; and many discount carpet wholesalers. To further the point, recently I went to a relative's storage warehouse (in Dalton, Georgia) to pick up a carpet remnant to use for floor mats. As we were digging through the remnants, we uncovered an old carpet tufting machine that was buried underneath. It was still in working condition and my relative infrequently buys the ends of spools of carpet fiber from larger carpet manufacturers and makes "candy stripe" carpet.

Did you know?

Many of the public health scares over the past 30 years were actually the result of preliminary findings and were later proven to be untrue?. There have been numerous false findings related to carpet, which were later disproved with good science, Carpet can actually have a positive impact on allergies and indoor air quality, if proper carpet cleaning is performed. Dust mites, mold, mildew, fungi, and allergens are easily removed with carpet cleaning.

About the Author
Michael Hilton was the original creator of Carpet Buyers Handbook. Having owned and operated a carpet wholesale company, Hilton has a vast knowledge about all-things carpet related as well as other types of flooring.

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