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Carpet Installation Checklist

After the carpet selection process has been completed, several steps should be taken prior to carpet installation to communicate your expectations and to ensure future satisfaction with your purchase. The following checklist has been designed to assist you in preparing for the arrival of your new carpet. It is important that you review the following checklist and discuss any questions you have with the carpet retailer before the carpet has been installed.

Carpet Measuring - The carpet retailer always should come to your home, prior to ordering your new carpet, to confirm that the measurements are correct. Mismeasuring can delay the installation of your new carpet or increase the cost of the carpet installation. Never purchase carpet based on rough measurements that you or another retailer has established.

Drawing - The carpet retailer should prepare a drawing of the area where carpet is to be installed with exact measurements. If you choose to do your own carpet layout and drawing, which is not difficult, see the section on setting a budget.

Seam Locations - Be sure there is an agreement between you and the retailer, before the Be sure there is an agreement between you and the retailer, before the carpet installation begins, as to the location of the seams that may be required. Most carpet installations require seams. In some carpet installations, increasing the number of seams can reduce the amount of carpet required. Discuss your options with your carpet retailer. Whenever possible, seams should be run toward the primary light source. Visibility of the seams will vary with the type of carpet purchased. Carpet seams cannot be guaranteed to be invisible.

Carpet size - Be sure you review with the retailer the amount of carpet required for the carpet installation. If yardage differences occur between retailers, keep in mind that installing the carpet in a different direction or installing more seams can reduce the amount of carpet required. Additionally, due to standardized carpet widths, the square footage of carpet ordered may exceed room dimensions. Small overages due to corners, room sizes, or pattern matches are considered normal.

Carpet padding - Check with the carpet retailer to confirm that a specific carpet padding has not been specified by the carpet manufacturer. Failure to select an adequate carpet padding can void specific carpet warrantees.

Moving furniture - Do you plan to move your furniture or allow the installers to move it for you? There may be an extra charge involved. It is recommended that you move any fragile or irreplaceable items yourself.

Appliances - In some cases, where appliances are involved or in new construction, a utility connect/disconnect may be required. Review this information with the retailer during the final consultation.

Removal of existing carpet - Who is expected to remove the old carpet? Will there be an additional charge for removal? Who will be responsible for disposal? Will there be an additional charge for disposal? Prior to removal, existing carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly. Carpet installation date - Agree on a carpet installation date. Find out how long the carpet installation will take. If the carpet must be ordered, check with the retailer a few days prior to the carpet installation to confirm receipt of the carpet. It is usually a good suggestion to contact the retailer on the day prior to carpet installation to confirm the carpet installation, in case other carpet installations have delayed your installer's arrival.

Follow industry carpet installation standards - All installed carpet should be installed according to industry carpet installation standards. These can be found in CRI 105, Residential Carpet Installation Standard. To obtain a copy of these standards contact the CRI at (800) 882-8846 or visit their web site.

Stretching of the carpet - All carpet should be power stretched. Tautness of the carpet is essential to assure a good, long lasting carpet installation. Failure to do so can allow wrinkling and buckling.

Scrap Carpet - Advise the retailer of what should be done with new carpet scraps.

Vacuuming - All newly installed carpet should be vacuumed. An additional charge may be customary.

Carpet Installation Warranty - Does the retailer offer a Does the retailer offer a carpet installation warranty? If so, request written information related to this warranty or request a handwritten warranty on the sales agreement form. List what is covered/not covered, duration, and a description of procedures if a service call is required.

Ventilation - As with most new products, new carpet may initially have a slight odor. This is normal. After carpet installation is complete, operate the ventilation system at normal room temperature with fan speed at maximum capacity for 48-72 hours. This procedure will exhaust and eliminate any lingering odors.

Installation of your new carpet: Consumer Responsibilities

  • Consult with the retailer to determine the carpet construction appropriate for each installation.
  • Select the proper carpet, color, and carpet padding for each area and traffic transition.
  • Retain copies of all invoices and receipts showing date, quality, and quantity of the carpet purchase.
  • Obtain and review copies of all warranties offered by fiber producer, carpet manufacturer, retailer and installation contractor.
  • Prior to installation, review yardage purchased, installation layout, and seam placement with the retailer.
  • Prior to installation, inspect carpet for correct style, color, texture, and visible defects. Report concerns to retailer immediately.
  • Vacuum existing carpet thoroughly prior to removal
  • Ensure that carpet is installed according to manufacturers specifications and conforming to recommended industry guidelines.
  • Follow suggested installation checklist and installation procedures as detailed in the CRI 105 Residential Carpet Installation Standard.
  • Open doors and windows, if possible, for an adequate supply of fresh air and operated the fan system at maximum speed during the removal of old carpet and installation of new carpet. Continue operating ventilation systems for 48 - 72 hours after carpet installation.
  • Follow fiber producer and/or manufacturer recommendations for vacuuming, spot removal (carpet stain removal), carpet cleaning procedures, and carpet cleaning frequencies to properly maintain carpet.
  • In the case of a claim, submit a written notification to the retailer from which the carpet was purchased.
  • Act promptly when a defect is identified.

Checklist for carpet installation

  • Carpet installation site inspected and measured by seller or installer before placing order
  • Copy of Sales receipt with style name, number, color name, number and manufacturer name, square yards or square feet, and price per unit quantity
  • Copy of written carpet installation warranty
  • Diagram of seam locations
  • Copy of CRI 105 Installation Standard
  • Inspect carpet for correct style, color, texture and defects before carpet installation
  • Installer has power stretcher
  • Indoor temperature is a minimum of 65 degrees
  • Seams run the length of the area
  • Main traffic runs along seam rather than across
  • Primary light source is not perpendicular to seam
  • Seams are not located in pivot areas
  • Seams are not perpendicular to doorways
  • Exposed carpet edges are protected with metal strip or molding
  • All carpet pile is running in the same direction
  • All seams are sealed with a latex adhesive
  • Carpet padding thickness does not exceed 7/16 inch
  • Carpet is attached to tackless strip along wall and NOT stapled to the floor
  • Carpet padding seams installed at right angles to carpet seams
  • Carpet padding seams taped and stapled to the floor
  • Carpet has been power stretched 1-1½%

Did you know?

A carpet installation standard is published by the Carpet and Rug Institute and details the proper techniques for carpet installation. Having a copy of the CRI 104 and CRI 105 can help eliminate carpet installation problems before they occur. For wholesale carpet price quotes at discount carpet prices, visit our discount carpet wholesaler site partners.